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Welcome to our store! Store was established in 2020 after the successful launch of in 2019. Our store is based in Petaluma, CA and run by an Occupational Therapist! OTDUDE has a background in graphic design, web development, videography, video editing, visual effects, and technology.

OTDUDE's vision is to provide research-based resources for patients, therapists, new graduates, students, and the general public to advance the field of occupational therapy; improve health outcomes; and enable individuals to have the highest quality of life through engagement of occupations.

In line with this vision, the Store was created to provide healthcare providers, students, new grads, and visitors with products that raise awareness of the profession of occupational therapy and other healthcare disciplines. We aim to create unique products and handmade gifts for our shoppers.

Our product ranges from the serious personal career development education such as e-books to fun and well-loved designs such as badge reels for healthcare professionals. We would love to create something custom and special for you!

Are you an Influencer, Blogger, or Small Business Owner? If you would like to carry products in your store, on your website, or feature it on social media to your followers, please contact us for more information.

We would love to collaborate with you!